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The Independent Equipment Dealers Association is a non-profit trade association promoting participation, professionalism and advancement in the independent distribution of heavy equipment.


The IEDA focuses its efforts on providing discounts, marketing, advertising, education and networking opportunities to members that will result in increased sales for member companies. Members of the IEDA are committed to displaying leadership in the industry by making ethical decisions and sound judgement, by making accurate claims to customers and by utilizing the products and services offered to them by Associate Members. The IEDA was established in 2002 and has become a unified and powerful voice within the industry.

  • We embrace the highest ethical standards.
  • We are business professionals who support other professionals.
  • We recognize the value of free enterprise.
  • We invest in and serve the industry with a passion and strive for excellence and innovations in everything we do.
  • We are international in scope.


The IEDA intends to promote free enterprise and entrepreneurialism through the advocacy of the Independent Equipment Dealer as the distribution method of choice.


For our organization to succeed, it must earn the respect and confidence of those it aspires to serve. The most significant factor in earning this respect and confidence is to act and conduct business in an ethical manner. Unethical business practices foster ill-will between us and the customers we serve. This ill-will is directed not only towards a particular business, but towards the industry as a whole. Every IEDA member has made a commitment to display leadership by making ethical decisions, by making accurate claims to customers and to always consider utilizing the products/services offered to us by our Associate Members. In addition, we will honor all commitments and guarantees, as we seek to resolve any disputes in a fair and expedient manner.

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